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Clear 3D Cell Culture Models With Minimal Changes to Morphology and Without Compromising Sensitivity

Clear 3D Cell Culture Models With Minimal Changes to Morphology and Without Compromising Sensitivity

Despite the growing relevance of 3D cell culture as a research model, imaging techniques used to characterize these models are highly limited. Due to the thickness and opacity of 3D cellular structures, most current imaging technologies cannot penetrate to the center of the tissues, resulting in only the outer 2 to 3 layers of cells being detected. This causes the dark centers often seen in images of 3D cell culture models, which proves highly problematic for accurate analysis as these outer cells are most exposed to compounds, nutrients and oxygen and thus do not reflect the entire cell population.

Corning now offers 3D Clear Tissue Clearing reagent that can be used in a tissue clearing technique, designed specifically to support imaging for 3D cell culture models and plate-based high throughput processing. When paired with fluorescent labeling (e.g., fluorescent protein, immunofluorescence, chemical dyes) and high content confocal microscopy, Corning 3D Clear reagent allows for complete 3D cell culture model characterization and more accurate drug screening.

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Corning 3D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagent Performance

Featured Resources


Liver Cell Image

Use in Corning Spheroid Microplates

To thoroughly characterize a spheroid, it is necessary to query the entire structure, which necessitates optical tissue clearing.

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3D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagent products

Quick Start Guide

Review best practices to help optimize the use of 3D Clear Tissue reagent.

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Scientist typing into laptop

Buffer Recipes

Prepare your own buffers for use with the 3D Clear Tissue reagent.

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Research Applications for the 3D Clear Tissue Reagent


Organoid Models

Corning 3D Clear can be used for clearing organoid models to enable optimal clarity for sharp, clear cell images. 

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Disease Modeling

Disease Modeling

Disease models support our understanding of how diseases develop, progress, and treatment options. 

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Spheroid Models

3D Clear Tissue Reagent is particularly useful in the culture of 3D spheroid models.

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Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery

Enhance your assay development and performance.

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cancer research

Cancer Research

Corning supports important cancer research with reliable lab products that deliver consistent, repeatable results in tumor formation, 3D cell culture, invasion and migration assays.

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